How You as a Christian are like a Horse

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Hey everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Today I decided to post about something kind of unusual: how you as a Christian are like a horse. So enjoy! 🙂

Before a person comes to know Christ, they are considered spiritually blind. They often have no grasp on the seriousness of their sin: they are “blind” to it. When such a person becomes a child of God and accepts the gift of salvation, he receives his spiritual “sight”.

If you’ve ever been to a horse race (or even seen one on TV),  you’ve probably noticed that the competing horses wear square objects called blinders near their eyes. Their owners equip the animals with these blinders so they won’t be distracted by any of the bustle of the horse race all around them. They can only see straight in front of them and are almost completely unaware of the activity that surrounds them. You could even say that they are “partially blind’. Sometimes, Christians deal with this problem of partial blindness. Although our initial blindness was lifted when we each came to know Christ, we are still partially blind to our sin. Other Christians may see sin in our lives that we ourselves are oblivious to! I think it’s important to regularly ask God to reveal to us what sin we are blind to in our lives. Ask others too! I’m sure your Mom, Dad, or siblings would have no problem pointing out sin in your life that you don’t see (especially your siblings 🙂 ). It’s really hard to do this, but I know it will not only strengthen your relationship with God, it will strengthen your relationship with those around you. Psalm 146:8 says: “The Lord opens the eyes of the blind. The Lord lifts those that are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous.”

So, before we go out into this world to share the gospel with others, we need to examine ourselves for unseen sin. Luke 6:39 says, “Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?”. We need to rip off our blinders, get off our high horse (no pun intended), and humble ourselves before our perfect Creator. So what steps will you take today towards removing your blinders and living the life of righteousness God has called us to?

2 thoughts on “How You as a Christian are like a Horse

  1. I think our partial blindness can lessen as we study God’s word, ask Him for assistance and allow others to help us recognize a sinful practice in our life. Perfect spiritual sight will come whenJesus welcomes us home to heaven. What a day that will be!
    Wonderful blog post, Miriam! Well done.

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