Random 2The Bible is important. Really important. In fact, it has the power to transform lives. I’ve seen the impact of God’s Word personally. Reading it and studying it can be the most fulfilling part of your life! Get ready to be challenged. God is pursuing you in ways you could never imagine.

Although I was saved when I was merely 5, I wasn’t really following God the way I knew that I should be. The Lord got a hold of my life when I was about 13. Through a girl’s Bible study group I was in, He convicted me that I wasn’t spending enough time in His Word. To be honest, I only read the Bible every once in a while and when I did read it, it was only out of guilt. I knew I was supposed to be reading it. But I didn’t even like to read the Bible! I would forget what I read minutes after I read it. When God convicted me to give Him my mornings, I was reluctant. I really appreciate sleep. Getting up early was not okay with me. But when God convicts you of something, it’s going to nag at you until you see it through. So, one morning I set the alarm. Then the next, and the next! Reading God’s Word became part of my routine. It went from a mere discipline to an extreme desire. If I skipped a day, I felt awful- empty. I missed it and needed it. It was like food that was essential for the nourishment of my body. I’ve had my ups and downs. Some days I miss. Sometimes I fall asleep. Sometimes I completely forget what I read or miss the meaning of a passage. I am human, after all. But the incredible growth in my relationship with Christ has been worth every minute. I have so much to learn, but the presence of God’s Word in my life has made a difference in how I act, live, and feel. I promise that it will do the same for you!

Recently, I’d really been slacking in my time with God. It continued to get shorter and shorter. My prayer  life was dry. My Bible reading was monotonous. I was beginning to feel really empty. The other day I decided to finish a Bible study book that I started with a group of my closest friends, but never had the opportunity to finish. The book was Dannah Gresh’s Get Lost which includes what she calls a 10-day “love feast”. This 10-day devotional program guides the reader in getting lost in God, despite the many distractions around us. The night before I started day 1 of the love feast, I asked God how much time He wanted me to spend with Him. I asked Him to wake me up whenever I should start my time with Him. In my heart I prayed: Please later rather than earlier, God. The next 3-4 mornings I woke up at 6:40. Not five minutes earlier or later. I didn’t even have to set an alarm! The best part about all this is that it’s been the most nourishing spiritual refreshment I’ve had in months. I’m ready to take my relationship with Christ to the next level. Then, about a week ago I was able to attend a live simulcast hosted by the famous Christian women’s speaker Beth Moore. Again, God convicted me in a number of amazing ways and provided me with extreme spiritual refreshment.

So don’t give up, my friends. God is pursuing you. Whether it’s your first try at spending time with Him regularly, or if you simply feel dry and long for the nourishment you once had, now is the time to take your relationship with Him to the next level. Grab a friend, buy a Bible study book, and keep each other accountable. I would highly suggest Get Lost by Dannah Gresh or  A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George. Pick a book of the Bible to read bit by bit, memorize, and study. Do whatever you have to to get into the Word of God. Let it nourish you. Give God the best part of your day, whether that be early morning, late at night, or even your lunch break. He will refresh you! He will fill you because He loves you and longs to romance you. What steps will you take today to toward taking your relationship with Him to the next level?

One thought on “Hungry?

  1. Oh this is such an encouraging post! Your testimony of how the Word of God gets into you and compels you to go deeper into relationship with Jesus is powerful. I see you are changed by your time with Him! ♡


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