‘Tis *Almost* the Season

The Holiday Challenge (pt 1)My sister and I look forward to decorating our house for the holiday season. About this time of year, we convince our dad to drag the storage tote out of the attic containing the fall decorations. This tote is packed to the brim with scarecrows, pumpkins, turkeys, and wreathes decked out in yellow, orange, and red leaves. This morning as this familiar scene unfolded, I began to contemplate the fact that the holiday season is just around the bend. Already.

I love the holidays. I look forward to the crisp fall air, pumpkins, warm applesauce, and the celebration of Thanksgiving. I love the day after Thanksgiving when the smell of turkey still lingers in the air and we pop in our classic Christmas carol CD into the CD player and began to tear down the fall decorations, replacing them with Christmas ones. I love the first time we light up the Christmas tree. I even love the way we bicker about who’s turn it is to place the star on the top. I could reminisce in my nostalgic mood all day. However, even with all this to look forward to, the beginning of the holiday season hits me with a feeling of dread.

Don’t get me wrong- I adore Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like counting down the days, fulfilling yearly traditions, and feeling the excitement in the air. It’s just that, when the holidays roll around, my TV, Facebook feed, and grocery trips bombard me with shallow Christmas carols, expensive gifts, and distorted views of the reason for the season. While I try to sit and enjoy the serenity of the season and think about the reasons we celebrate, my mind is crowded with ideas about food, gifts, silly songs, and any other possible thing that the Enemy thinks he can attack me with. Do you feel me here? I try to stop and contemplate Christ’s birth or reasons to be thankful and BOOM I’m swept away into the sea of worldly celebration, thoughts, and actions.

Let’s face this problem head on this year. Together, let’s keep our focus where we know it needs to be. Let’s not get in over our heads with all the holiday “extras”. I hope to follow up this post with many others from now until Christmas reminding you (and me!) to keep your eyes on Jesus, to remember to be thankful, and to remind ourselves of the incredible Savior that we have. Are you with me? Do you accept the challenge?

If you choose  to accept this challenge, please share! Feel free to comment below or share the link on your social media site! Let’s make this the year for Christians to rebel against society’s view on the holidays and take a stand for what God intended them to be.

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