Open Arms

Random 2Last weekend I watched an old movie from the ’40’s called State Fair. It was a fun, romantic movie that had the perfect mix of love, tragedy, and humor. However, something that occurred at the end of the movie really stuck out to me. Near the end of the film, Margy, the leading lady, is sure that her true love, Pat, has left her in the dust to pursue his career. She mopes around the house, staring at nothing and wallowing in perfect misery.  When the phone rings, she dolefully picks it up, fully expecting to hear the obnoxious voice of the geeky, self- centered young man who, before meeting Pat, she had planned to marry. Instead, Pat’s voice comes through the phone. Her countenance automatically brightens, and in no time she hops into her shocked neighbor’s car, driving at full speed down the little country road. Soon, she sees another car driving nearly as fast as hers. The two cars barely come to a halt before both drivers hop out and bolt into each other’s open arms. They are so in love that they can barely control the elation they feel upon seeing each other again.

Lying in bed after the movie, I re-played that scene over and over again in my mind. It was so romantic, and, being a girly-girl, I love romance. But the way that the characters in the movie were so passionately in love effected me for some reason. I disregarded the feeling, rolled, over and went to sleep.

The next morning, during my time in God’s Word, something hit me. When Jesus was on the cross, His Random 2hands were nailed wide apart. His arms were open. For me. He longs to have a passionate love relationship- with me. He longs for me to love Him enough that I desire to bolt into His open arms. He is inviting me to love Him with everything I’ve got, because He gave everything for me first. He’s inviting you into that same relationship!

I almost cried writing this. Christ’s love for me hit me like a boulder that morning. If you are like me, you’ve been “churched” all your life. We fall into the dormant pattern of what I like to call “Sunday school Christianity.” The meaning of Christ’s sacrifice becomes dead to us, only because we’ve heard it so many times. But we all need to realize that the gospel is not just for the unsaved- it’s for believers too. We should be living under the shadow of His sacrifice every single day.

To be honest, I’m tired of Sunday school Christianity. I’m ready to take my relationship with my Creator to the next level. I’m ready to be an audacious Christian who doesn’t hesitate to do hard things for Him. I’m ready to bound into His open arms and receive the full benefit of Christ’s love. Will you join me? His arms are open for you, just as they are for me. Will you run to Him?

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