Guest Post- Maddy

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share with you a guest post from my new blogging friend Maddy at Maddy’s Digital Diary! Enjoy!

Maddy's Button

Hi everyone! I’m Maddy, a homeschooled 14 year old who loves to dance. I’m very excited to be posting over here today! I thought that I’d share with you all, a little bit about what my blog is like. Enjoy!

If you don’t know, then I blog over at Digital Diary. It’s my photography blog that I started last year, the day after Christmas. ( Wow, we’re has the time gone??? ) At my blog I hope to encouraged you but most importantly, I want to glorify Him. Through my pictures, I want you to see the beauty of this world made by our wonderful Creator.


All the credit should go to Him. He made all of this, I just simply took the picture. The beauty of this world has always been something that I love. Just looking at it all reminds me of Him. I hope that when you look at pictures, it reminds you of Him as well.


Thank you, Miriam for letting me post on your blog! If you guys have time, then stop over at my blog and say hello. Have an amazing day!

Maddy 😀

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