Why Compromise?


Summer is finally here, bringing along with it the common shedding of clothes for nearly every American. Shorts get shorter, tops get smaller, swimsuits get skimpier. All around us, we see methods of gaining the perfect beach body. However, for a modest-conscious girl like myself, this time of year makes me moan in agony. Finding a swimsuit that lines up with my self-set modesty standards is almost as miserable as searching for long enough shorts or loose enough jeans. I dread having to go into Sears and try on 4900 bathing suits and still walk out with nothing. When I was younger, I didn’t care if my swimsuit covered less of me than my regular clothes. I wore a few suits that, even though they weren’t explicitly immodest, I’m embarrassed of because they broke many of my standards. Why is it that we as Christian girls (or guys, for that matter) don’t mind compromising our regular modesty standards when it comes to buying a swimsuit? 

The Bible commands in 1 Timothy that females should dress in a way that shows they are daughters of God. So the question that we ask should not be “Can I get away with wearing this?” On the contrary, we should say, “Does wearing this break any of my God-given convictions about modesty?” Like pastor John Piper says, “Ask the maximal righteousness question, not the minimal righteousness question.” For example, maybe you find nothing wrong with wearing a bikini. I won’t argue with that. But before you run out to the beach in your new suit, ask yourself “Would I wear clothes like this out in public? Would I wear this to my youth group swim party?” Probably not.

You’re probably thinking, Okay Miriam, I get what your saying, but it is totally impossible to find a swimsuit these days that lines up with my regular standards. Wrong! While I will admit that it is much more difficult and expensive to find a modest swimsuit, it is not impossible. It is even possible to find a cute, modest swimsuit so you don’t have to look like an ugly drowned rat. Want a tip? Look at exercise clothes. I found an epic pair of Danskin workout shorts that are long enough to meet my normal standard. They are comfy, cute, and they dry faster than swimming shorts. Even better, they match with the halter-neck swim top that I found at Sears. Lands-End, Limericki, Divinita Sole, and Shorefit Swimwear carry many designs that line up with the majority of Christian girls’ modesty standards. It will probably take some time and research, but in the end it will be worth it to be comfortable and God-honoring in your bathing suit choices. Please feel free to comment your thoughts or more links to websites that you’ve bought modest swimwear from before. Happy swimming!

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