Writing for Building Up (or, I’m Tired of Depressing Stories) Re-Blogged

Take a moment to read this insightful post from Grace, author of the phenomenal blog True and Pure.

True and Pure


Recently I finished reading the Divergent series. And while they are entertaining, popular books, I have a big problem with them and with a lot of the books circulating today in general that I just realized was a problem.

I’ve never really liked books that left me feeling depressed and drained, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I’m slowly realizing, however, that what I read has a huge effect on me and that I need to be more careful that the stories I choose feed my soul instead of eating it away.

What is the Purpose of Writing?

This thought process was sparked by a pair of posts K.M. Weiland wrote a few weeks ago entitled 5 Reasons Writing is Important to the World (her reasons) and 15 (More) Reasons Writing is Important (reactions from people who read her first post).

They were beautiful posts, compiling many reasons why…

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