A Mindset Makeover: Action Steps (pt. 1)


As I mentioned in my previous post (which you can read here), writing down your goals has been proven to motivate you to carry them out! However, I also think that writing out a bunch of goals is extremely overwhelming! When I am overwhelmed, I tend to just collapse. I only get done what’s completely necessary and disregard everything else. So, for my mindset makeover, I am taking baby steps.

Doable mini-goals are much easier to attain than lofty goals. Like author Dave Ramsey always says, checking mini-goals off your list motivates you toward your ultimate goal. For example, one of my written goals is to take better care of my body and be wise about what I’m eating. Instead of just saying: “In 2017 I will get fit and start eating healthy,” I say: “Today I am going to do the first day of my workout plan and have a healthy breakfast and lunch.” I might let myself have one sweet or have some pizza for dinner. Success is all about baby steps.

Confession time: I have tried to have a to change my lifestyle before—several times. A few weeks ago, when I decided to buckle down, I asked myself what I needed to do differently. Ultimately, I determined that I need to take one baby step at a time instead of trying to attack numerous, lofty goals all at once. I failed before because I was overwhelmed, rebellious, and lazy. I’m not going to fail this time because I have achievable goals set, I’m learning to submit, and I’m learning about God’s desire for me to be disciplined and hardworking.

What baby steps will you take today toward becoming the person that God wants you to be?

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