A Mindset Makeover: Do Hard Things (Action Steps Pt. 2)


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If you have never read the book Do Hard Things by Brett and Alex Harris, you need to do so now. I promise you that it will not only change your life today, but it will change how you think and function every day for the rest of your time on earth. I’ve even gone so far as to provide you with an amazon link so you can go buy this book: just click here. It changed my life, and I guarantee that it will change yours. It will also be a great help in our mindset makeovers.

In their book, teenage authors Alex and Brett explain how teenagers concede to low expectations when in reality our teen years can be and must be the most important and productive years of our lives! What stood out to me most in the book is how they discuss that no one can do “big” hard things if they cannot even accomplish “small” hard things. Every person wants to make some sort of difference in the world. But if we can’t even make our beds in the morning or we procrastinate our school work and screw around on the Internet, how will we ever possibly change the world? We need to live every hour of our lives to the fullest, using our time for our personal growth and for God’s glory.

So when you wake up tomorrow, make your bed. Read your Bible, work out, and clean your room. Do your homework and turn it in. By starting to do these small hard things, we begin to change our mindsets. Only then can we do big hard things by changing our lifestyles.

Staying focused is hard. One thing that will make it easier, however, is obliterating any hurdles that are keeping you from your goals. It might be wasting time on the Internet, playing hours of video games, sleeping for 16 hours a day, or texting your friends 24/7. It could even be something like fear or laziness. It was easy for me to recognize the obstacles (which are really idols) in my life. What was I doing with my time rather than taking baby steps toward my goals? What was I doing instead of reading my Bible, working out, or finishing procrastinated homework and chores? One of my biggest hurdles is wasting time on my phone. It is easy to consume hours with YouTube and social media. Even though these things aren’t bad, they are holding me back from living life to the fullest, so they MUST be put aside. By learning some self-control, I can knock over these hurdles and move on with my mindset makeover. And I think I’ll start by making my bed.

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