7 Books That Changed My Life

7 Books That Changed My Life.jpg

Today I would like to share with you seven books that I can honestly say changed my life. Some of them are from this school year, and some are from when I was barely a teenager, but each one of them has shaped who I am today. I hope you will read at least one of these books and allow it to change your life as well.

#1: Do Hard Things

This book is the first on the list because I can honestly say that its message is what I live Random.jpgby every day. Do Hard Things is written by two teenage boys to empower teens to break through society’s expectations and live how God intended us to. There is even a whole online “Rebelution” community!

#2: Not a Fan

Would you consider yourself a Jesus fan? Then it’s time for you to Randomdefine your relationship with Him. Jesus does not want lukewarm fans, he wants genuine followers. If you, like me, are ready to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level, then this book is an excellent resource.

#3: Ask It

What is the best question you could ever ask? I think the answer will surprise you. Asking this question will change the way you make decisions for theRandom.jpg rest of your life. It forced me to evaluate my every decision I make in light of God’s will for my life.

#4: Getting to No

I have this problem that won’t go away. It’s the root of all sin Random.jpgand conflict in my life, and it’s called selfishness. In Getting to No, author Erwin W. Lutzer teaches how to eradicate stubborn sins and embrace the freedom that comes with saying “no” to ourselves.

#5: Taking God At His Word

Random.jpgThis book will solidify your belief and answer your questions about the Bible. In a time where absolute truth is questioned, this book really puts things into perspective.

#6: How to Study Your Bible

This book is a technical read that really helps you get the most Random.jpgout of God’s Word. I learned a lot about the importance of truly understanding the Bible.

#7: Get Lost

Last, but definitely NOT least is Dannah Gresh’s book Get RandomLost. This is not your typical book about boys and Christian dating. This book is about your love for Jesus, and it is one of the most refreshing books you’ll ever read. It switches your focus from you to Him.

So there you have it, seven of the books that have changed my life. But, regardless of whether you read any of these books this summer, please remember to read the most life-changing book of all–God’s Word. There is nothing more important than your relationship with Christ. This summer, make Him a priority.


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