Thriving in Prayer

Thrive Series


It’s that one spiritual discipline we know is important, but we all need to improve in.

It is something that we know we need, yet we consistently take advantage of. We forget about the privilege that we possess to pour out our hearts to the King of the Universe. He desires that we talk to Him directly; yet, we brush Him off because we are too busy. How dare we be too busy to talk to the One Who made us, saved us, and longs to have a relationship with us!

Last week we talked about the importance of reading God’s Word. But do you realize that our relationship with God, like any relationship, requires two-way communication? God speaks to us through His inspired Word, and we speak to Him through prayer. It is the secret to a thriving relationship with Christ. We will not grow if we do not pray—it’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, however, we are human. We are selfish; we don’t make time for our Savior; we are “too busy.” We let the most important things fall through the cracks. This is an area that I struggle with a lot, so I get it. However, this does not give us a valid excuse not to pray. We only have to train ourselves to consistently sit at the feet of our Savior to worship Him and ask Him for guidance.

What does this look like in real life? Here are some helpful disciplines to help us develop a habit of prayer.

-Pick a time and a place

Correlate your prayer time with your time for reading the Bible, which we talked about last week. This is your moment to talk to God and hear from Him. However, even though having a specific time to pray is a good start, do not forget that we are commanded to pray without ceasing. But we must start somewhere, so it’s important to schedule a prayer time into your day, even if it is only 5 minutes.

-Gather materials

Make some lists of things to pray for, research the names of God, and open your Bible to the book of Psalms. Remember, prayer is not just about asking God for needs. We should never treat God like a vending machine. Taking time to simply worship Him in prayer is just as vital (if not more so) than asking for His help.

-Start praying

To steal Nike’s catchphrase: just do it! Stop talking, thinking and reading about how you should pray and just start praying. As you passionately and reverently approach your Savior, I promise that you will be able to see Him working in your life.

Some other things to include in your prayers are worship, submission, confession, and expectation. If you are stumped, pray through a Psalm, or look at Jesus’ example of prayer in Matthew 6:9-13. Remember, prayer is not a burden or a duty. Prayer is a privilege.

You and I will never thrive if we aren’t plugged in to our Source through active communication with our Savior. This week, stop putting off developing your prayer life. Take some active steps toward communicating more closely with the God Who created you and daily invites you to sit at His feet.

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