How to Stay Cozy This Fall


Crisp wind bites my face as I step onto my back porch. I wrap my sweater tightly around my body, blocking the chill. Slowly, my lungs fill with the stingy, cool air and I breath in the beautiful smell of damp leaves. Bringing my coffee to my lips, I smile contentedly.

I love fall.

Everything about this season makes me feel warm and cozy. Despite the busyness of life, the cool wind whispers in my ears, “Be still, breathe in, and delight in this moment.” I am reminded of verses in the Bible such as Psalm 46:10, which says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Dwelling on these truths brings me great peace and overwhelming joy, which I long to share with you.

So, grab your warm drink and your coziest sweater and join me on my back porch. Let’s talk about what God is doing in our lives. Let’s talk about how to stay cozy this fall.

My first tip for staying cozy this fall is to slow down. Say no to more commitments, to wasted time, and to bad attitudes. Stay home one night instead of rushing around to get to this or that. Have a bonfire in your backyard with friends or family, read a book or watch a movie by yourself, bake a cake for someone in need. You will never remember the hours spent wasting time or spending it foolishly. What will stick in your mind are the memories made with family and friends.

Secondly, put your phone down. Turn it off. Leave it home when you go for a walk or spend time with your family. Overall, do more things that make you forget to look at your phone.

Lastly, you can stay cozy this fall by doing something different. October can be the time of year (especially for students) when the monotony of life begins to sink in and you feel like all you’re doing is going through the motions. So change things up a bit. Rearrange your furniture, switch up your routine, or try something different. Even our time with God can become monotonous if we are not careful. When this happens in my life, I return to the study of God’s love for me and, in turn, how I should love others. Dannah Gresh has an excellent devotional series called “The Love Feast” as part of her book Get Lost. If you have the YouVersion Bible app, you can download it for free! I am on my second or third time going through this love feast. I promise you that it will refresh your soul and return the vitality to your time with God.

These are only a few tips for how to stay cozy and simplify your life this fall. Now, I want to hear your side of our little back-porch conversation. What has God been doing in your life? What are some ways that you take advantage of this cozy season in an effort to “be still”?

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