What My Christmas Tree Taught Me About Perfectionism

What My Christmas Tree...

Merry Christmas, sweet friends! I have a little short-but-sweet message on my heart this Saturday evening that I would like to share with you. I hope that you will be encouraged, as I was, to look for God’s hand in the little things this Christmas.

As I sit in my family room gazing at my family’s Christmas tree, I smile. The tree is a few inches too tall for our ceiling, so my hard-working daddy laboriously bent and manipulated the top branch so that my mom could display her Christmas star, to remind us of Jesus and that silent night in Bethlehem. Our ornaments don’t match. Some are Campbell soup ornaments collected by my great-grandmother, some are from the years each of my siblings was born, and some are from my parents’ childhood. Most of the ornaments are crooked, and some are flipped upside down.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Christmas Tree.jpgNormally I would call myself a perfectionist. Normally I would appreciate a perfectly balanced tree with all the matching fixtures. But not tonight. Gazing at this Christmas tree, I realize that it is the most perfect tree I have ever seen. The memories and the love it holds include its crooked star and Campbell soup ornaments.

I am reminded that human imperfection is the very reason that we need a perfect Savior and that God sent His Son to us on that silent night in Bethlehem. We, with our crooked ideas and upside-down lifestyles, could never be good enough to come face to face with such a holy God. Our imperfections were the ideal setting for His perfect sacrifice.

Sure, my Christmas tree is crooked. No, the ornaments don’t match. But God is using my Christmas tree, with all of its lovely imperfections, to help me relinquish my obsession with perfection for the only Person Who can perfectly satisfy me.

5 thoughts on “What My Christmas Tree Taught Me About Perfectionism

  1. Your Christmas tree sounds wonderful : ) I know that sometimes it can be a hard struggle to not constantly correct everything, and I’m so glad that God is helping you through this! What an inspirational way to look at a Christmas tree!

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  2. Beautifully said, and oh SO true! 🙂 Praise God for not giving up on us and using our stress of needing to be In control amd having everything lined just right ( and probably even color coordinated :/ I’ve been guilty of this more than once ) to open our eyes and hearts to the true priority we should have. I used to fix the tree everynight to look “right” again. Since our little, or should say BIG, blessing was born God has made me realize I don’t have to have everything right. He’s asked me to give it my best and to keep Him as my focus. Some days the house is a mess, and we’re all eating cereal for dinner, but over all God has given me a peace that only He could give. God is good ALL the time! 🙂
    Thank you Miriam for sharing tour heart, and for letting God use you in many ways! You are a blessing! 🙂

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  3. Those are wonderful reflections on a Christmas tree! This year, I insisted on only using store bought ornaments, lol. It’s pretty….but not quite the same. But, that is a great way to use the small things of life and think back to Christ. Thank you! 💜 And Merry Christmas!


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