Are You Bored of Christianity?

Are You Bored.png

Admit it.

Sometimes you get bored of Christianity. Especially if you have grown up in church, the Sunday school stories may have lost their appeal and the Gospel probably seems like old news. You may even be at the point where you are questioning whether Christianity is the real deal.

So what if David killed Goliath thousands of years ago? So what if Noah built a big boat? So what if Jesus did miracles? This is the 21st century. We don’t wear robes anymore, and we are bored of all the old Sunday school stories.

Maybe you can relate. But despite what we sometimes think, Christianity is not just for children and old people. Christianity is for people of all ages, including young adults and teens. Sunday school Christianity is boring. But a relationship with Jesus is so much more than coloring sheets and felt figures. If you are feeling like a numb Christian, bored of the stories and longing for something much more fulfilling, than you are not alone. Here are five ways that you can take your relationship with Jesus to the next level and truly make your faith your own.

  1.      Pray

It sounds so simple, but if you are regularly communicating with God, He will ignite a passion within you that cannot be put out. Passionate, Biblical prayer is the key to making Christianity more than just a religious duty. Prayer results in a deep relationship with God rather than just a religious duty to Him. I am not talking about pre-written prayers and saying grace before dinner. What I am referring to is a constant communication with God—going to Him for everything, whether you are having a fantastic day, or you just wish that you could stay in bed.  When Jesus becomes your friend rather than just your religion, Christianity becomes much more exciting (check out this post for more about prayer). 

  1.      Find a new strategy for reading the Bible

They probably told you in church that you should read the Bible, but they likely didn’t tell you how. After all, the Scriptures were written a very long time ago in a completely different culture, so they can be difficult to understand. But reading the Bible can still change your life, if only you know how to comprehend and apply it. Finding a Bible study book can help with this. As you continue to read Scripture for yourself, however, there are some strategies for reading and applying the Bible to your life:

  • Pick a daily time and place to read the Bible.
  • Journal or pray to calm your thoughts and get ready to focus on what God wants to say to you through His Word.
  • Read! Pick a book (if you do not know where to start, I would recommend beginning in John or James) and read a little bit every day. There is no pressure to read a lot at once; just take it a few verses at a time so you can really understand and apply the meaning.
  • Ask questions. If you are confused about what you read, than ask your pastor, do a Google search, or look up some terms so you can understand the passage more fully.
  • Commit. Take what you read for the day and turn it into an action. Then, commit to practically apply what you learn..
  • Pray. Use what you’ve read in the Bible to pray for yourself and others, to praise God, or  to ask God for a need in your life. Reading your Bible should always be accompanied by prayer, because, like any relationship, your relationship with God requires two-way communication (for more tips, check out this post).

Reading the Bible takes discipline, but making it a daily practice can transform your faith and take you to new levels in your relationship with God. . . 

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