A Week of Renewal // My Easter Reading Plan

My church goes all out for Easter. We have balloons and confetti, we dance and jump around, we sing at the top of our lungs and smile so much that my face gets tired. Easter is my favorite holiday because of the pure joy and lasting hope that radiates from the people around me. But I truly believe that Easter would not be the same for me if I had not spent the entire week prior renewing my mind through meditation on God’s Word. Every year since I was serious about my relationship with Jesus, I have spent the holy week working through a Bible-reading plan. Every year without fail, this plan helps me to find renewal and prepares my heart to celebrate that glorious day that my Savior defeated death once and for all.

Today, I would like to share this Bible-reading plan with you. I cannot take the credit for it; actually, I have no idea who made it up. My church started using it several years ago. Anyway, please feel free to save the photo to your phone and work through the rest of these days with me. Personally, I prefer to read the passages, look up any words or ideas that I do not understand (bible.org is a great place for this), and spend some time in prayer and worship.

The biggest thing that I always do is seek to apply the reading to my life somehow. For example, today I read about Jesus’ prediction of His death and His conversation with the Pharisees, who attempted to challenge His authority. Even though I have heard it before, today I realized that Jesus truly knew everything that was taking place and was going to take place, yet He performed God’s will anyway because He loved me. Today, He still knows. He knows my struggles and my sin. Yet, He also knows God’s plan for my life, so I can rest in the knowledge that He is in control.

Finding new applications for old stories has really made a difference every year in preparing me to celebrate Christ’s salvation for all people. I pray that you are renewed in your relationship with Jesus as you work through this plan with me in preparation for Easter.

To see my personal applications this week, follow @craftedbychrist on Instagram.

I would love to see how God is working in your life as well! If you decide to embark on this journey of renewal with me this week, post your personal applications on Instagram with the hashtag #weekofrenewal and tag @craftedbychrist!


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