Lessons from my Senior Year of Highschool

I did it–I finally graduated from highschool. I not only managed to survive the graduation ceremony and the party, but I actually enjoyed both. I can barely believe that it’s all over! By God’s grace, I have made it through the end of highschool and am on to the next chapter in His plan for me.

As I have been doing this series of letters to my highschool self, I have been contemplating what to write to myself as a senior. After all, I have only been a graduate for a little more than a week now, so I don’t exactly have any wise advice that I’d like to tell myself just yet. I decided to talk to my good friend and fellow blogger, Caden, for some ideas. He suggested that I do a post on lessons that God has been teaching me this year. So, here are only a few of the many lessons that I have learned in these past few months of being a senior in highschool. I hope you will learn from them as much as I have!

  1. God is enough.

Nothing in this entire world will truly fulfill me other than a relationship with God. At the beginning of my senior year, I struggled with a lot of loneliness. I felt as if no one truly wanted to have a friendship with me. I secluded myself and failed to reach out to people around me. I truly thought that relationships would fulfill me. I figured that once I graduated and went to college, I would finally be happy. It wasn’t until the second semester that I begin to realize the simple but profound truth that God is completely enough for me. Relationships with strong believers are definitely important, but they will never satisfy me like my Savior can. Only when I began to realize this did God bring some fantastic people into my life who have encouraged me and pointed me to Him. I wish I had the words to express my gratefulness to these people. But I would have never been able to truly benefit from those relationships until I accepted that God is enough for me.

  1.  I cannot save people.

As I began to reflect on the past and on the future this year, I harbored some deep regrets about my past friendships. So many people who I was very close with throughout highschool are no longer following Jesus, and I felt guilty. Guilty for not forcing them to believe the Gospel, guilty that they did not choose to follow Jesus, and guilty that I am no longer close enough with them to have any sort of influence on their lives. I felt as if I had failed them because I could not save them. Slowly but surely, God has been teaching me that (obviously) I cannot save people. God used me in the lives of these friends while I was a part of their lives, but now He may be using others to point them to Him. I need to leave these regrets behind and trust that God has a perfect plan for these people. He cares about them even more than I do. The best I can do is pray that they would come to know Jesus as their Savior, and use my feelings of regret to inspire me to pour into my current friendships with believers and unbelievers alike. God is completely sovereign and 100% in control.

  1. God has a perfect plan for my life.

While reading Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird’s new book, Love Defined, one line really stood out to me. They said something like “God is the perfect matchmaker.” This idea blew me away, not just in relation to romantic relationships, but in all of life. God literally has each step of my life pre-planned in detail. I am simply called to surrender to that plan. Surrender is hard for me. I like to have control and know what is going to happen next. This year, though, I have begun to truly understand that His plan is always the best plan. He knows me fully–my dreams, my desires, and my passions–and He also knows exactly how my life will turn out. If I am in tune to His will, He will place me in the exact job, the exact church, the exact relationship, and the exact place where He will be most glorified in my life. More than ever, I am realizing that God has everything under control.

These are just a few of the countless lessons that God has taught me throughout my final year of highschool. I pray that He will continue to teach and guide me as I step into this (slightly scary) new stage of life. I don’t know a lot of things, but I do know that He is sovereign, He is enough, and He has a perfect plan for my future.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from my Senior Year of Highschool

  1. #1. Oh, goodness, #1. I have struggled with that SO much throughout high school, and it was only this year that I started to feel more included and (slightly) more outgoing. For me, the big lesson was that often, if we want to feel included, that takes effort. Not annoyingly inserting ourselves where we aren’t wanted, but starting a conversation instead of looking at our phones, or just making an effort to socialize when we’re in a group setting. It’s about investing in the people around us. Friendships and a social life don’t just fall into our lap – they take a conscious decision to invest.


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