The Power of Today

Last Monday, I sat in front of thirteen young girls, passionately describing how the Bible changed my life. I encouraged the girls to make a daily appointment with God and to keep it just as if it was a date with a friend or a significant other. I preached about the importance of daily quiet time, when in reality my own quiet time had been sporadic and unfulfilling. Inwardly, I felt a bit like a hypocrite.

I went into the week fully intending to set an example for the girls by faithfully keeping my daily appointment with God; I ended the week feeling like a discouraged, unmotivated failure. But, thankfully, God’s Word is so powerful that it can speak to even the biggest hypocrites and failures. Even though I read my Bible very few times this week, God spoke to me through His Word every time I opened it. As I plunged through the first few chapters of Hebrews, there was one word that stuck out to me: “today.”

Throughout the first few chapters, the author of Hebrews repeatedly reminds his readers to obey God today. In some versions of the Bible, the word “today” is capitalized or put in quotation marks. This signifies the urgency of the author’s call to action. TODAY if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts (3:15). Exhort one another as long as it is still TODAY (3:13). Even those unproductive days when I feel tired and unmotivated, today is a day in which God can work in my life if only I choose to listen to Him.

When I think about using my days for God’s glory, I think of my friend Nicole. She is the most joyful person that I know. When everyone is complaining about the weather or finals or whatever, Nicole is purposely seeking out the positive in everything. She praises God for the weather, says that her homework is enriching and fun, and rejoices that finals are almost over. Even when I called her this past week when she was in the hospital for some testing, she was still looking at the positive and thinking of other people instead of just herself. Nicole knows the meaning of seizing the opportunities of today.

Someone once said, “Today is a good day to have a good day.” Any day can be a good day if we choose to make it one. If we choose to listen to God’s voice today, we can be blessed and encouraged. If we choose to help and encourage other believers today, we can not only bless them, but also be encouraged to make Christ-like decisions ourselves. Today is a day that God wants to work in our lives if only we will listen to His voice, and it all starts with opening our Bibles and listening to what He has to say.

Tonight, when I once again sit in front of my group of girls, I can tell them that I have been inconsistent and unmotivated in my time with God this week. I can be honest with them about my shortcomings, but I can also tell them about the power of God’s Word to speak to us despite our sinful attitudes. I can share with them what I have been learning about the urgency and power of today. My God is so amazing that He can even use my sinful laziness to teach me lessons that change the way that I live for Him. Today, I will choose to listen to His voice. I can’t wait to see what He says.


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