Can You Spare a Moment?

can you spare a moment.jpg

Life is all about moments.

Especially in the fast-paced culture of the United States, many of us are so busy that we rarely have a moment to spare. We run from the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning to the moment when our heads hit the pillow at night. It’s incessant.

“Go!” Do! Get!” the culture blares at us. So we stumble as quickly as we can so we don’t miss the busy train that everyone says leads to success and happiness. But it seems that, no matter how fast we run, we can never reach it. We get burnt out, we miss the mark, and, ultimately, we give up.

Just because you can spare a moment doesn’t mean that you should spare it.

Spare moments are not always meant to be filled; rather, they are meant to be lived. Saying “no” is a learned art, and one that many of us are still refining, but it is one of the most valuable things a person can learn to do. Having moments to do nothing but simply exist are what keep people going mentally and physically. It doesn’t have to be an hour; you only need a few minutes. There is such an emphasis on living exciting lives and doing exciting things, but I do not believe that this is the Biblical perspective. 

Slowing down and absorbing God’s presence and His work is so glorifying to Him. Having a few, important things in which you can serve Him to the best of your ability is much more beneficial than drowning yourself in so many things that you can barely pass in any of them. Enjoying the people you spend time with and the activities that you’re involved in is important too.

“Slow down and smell the roses,” they say. But I say don’t just smell them. Sit down by them. Absorb the atmosphere of the garden–the smells, the sounds, the sights. Revel in God’s mercy and creativity. Marvel at His goodness and love. And then, when you are finished, continue to focus intently on doing your best along the path until the next rose bush comes into view.

Have a spare moment? Treasure it; do not throw it to the wind.

God can be honored even in the spare moments. Give yours to Him, and He may gift you with even more.


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