I Give You Control


Like many people, I struggle with anxiety.

It’s not the crippling kind that causes panic attacks and mental health issues, but the nagging kind that continually whispers the question “what if?” into my ear, causing me to fall into sinful worry and uncertainty.

I see people get into relationships, start their careers, have children, and go into the mission field, and I wonder how they do it. I feel so much pressure to make the right decisions so that I can get there too, but I am always left with the overwhelming feeling that I am going to mess it up.

If I don’t talk to that guy, I might be missing out on meeting the love of my life.

If I choose this major in college, I might be missing out on my dream career.

If I pursue this path in ministry, I might miss out on opportunities to lead other people to Christ.

The list goes on and on, and the “what ifs” overwhelm me to the point of panic. The control freak in me begins to do just that—freak. I can’t control my life and it makes me crazy. But I’m beginning to learn that not being in control just might be okay.

As Christians, when this feeling creeps up on us, threatening to swallow us in its malicious tyranny, we must remind ourselves that God did not leave us on this earth to figure everything out on our own. He did not create us in our mother’s wombs and say “See ya! Good luck figuring out your future!” Rather, He is with us in our day-to-day, overwhelming fears and struggles.

Personally, I have learned in these past few months that He is completely in control. He is the perfect matchmaker and the best career advisor. He knows the exact spouse, the exact job, and the exact place of ministry where I will be in the future. He knows every detail of your future as well. As believers, our job is simply to follow His will. If we have hearts to serve Him, then the people that He puts in our lives and the situations in which He places us are exactly where He wants us to invest, grow, and lead people to Christ.

The true realization of all this has really put life into perspective for me and given me a peace that I can’t even begin to understand. The contentedness reflected in this song by Tenth Avenue North is the best description that I can find:

God You don’t need me

But somehow You want me

Oh, how You love me

Somehow that frees me

To take my hands off of my life

And the way it should go

God You don’t need me

But somehow You want me

Oh, how You love me

Somehow that frees me

To open my hands up

And give You control

I give You control

The anxious thirst for control still tries to rear its ugly head in my life sometimes. But you and I must continually remind ourselves that God is and always will be completely in control of our lives. God is the perfect planner, and knows exactly what the future holds for every single person. We do not have to let our anxiety dictate our lives because He has every detail planned out for our good and His glory.


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