Portraits of God

The goodness of God
Is the tingle of jubilee rushing through you
when you step outside on an early spring day and
breathe in
the hope of warmth and renewal.

The power of God
Is the rumble of a stampede in the distance, that
magnificent cloud of dust
so deafening
you shiver in fear and restless excitement.

The faithfulness of God
Is the securest place you’ve ever been
like the smells and sounds
of your grandparents’ house
that have always been as they always were.

The grace of God
Is the kindness of
that one smiling face
in a sea of strangers
when insecurity tries to swallow you in its overwhelming grasp.

The love of God
Is the strong but gentle touch of
a daddy
holding his newborn child with awe
heart turned over in wonder and affection
knowing that not every day will be easy
but that every moment will be worth it in the end.

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